Title : 20180406 NCT 127 - CHAIN PERFORMANCE
Duration : 3:14 Min
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Channel : JAMACASH
Uploaded At : 2018-04-06 20:41:18
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Source : YouTube.com/watch?v=ZwHy_nh-uuk
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managed to find misc clips and cut the cut them to make the whole song in one video, however a bit of taeyong's part is missing ): NCT 127 // CHAIN // JAPAN SHOWCASE video sources are from twitter, everyone (the clout) snatching it from each other so i do not know the original owner, sorry. let me know if you do! check out @ 4imin on twitter for nct photocards! entertainment purposes only, copy right infrigment not intended. i understand that this is an unreleased song and i considered on taking it down, however it is a concert clip. it isnt like i stole a studio version or recorded something i shouldn't have. i will not be deleting this video because its a good song that deserves to be heard for noe. i would argue that this is not the full audio, nor is it clear so it should be acceptable to post this. there are many of people who have this posted off twitter and a few posted on youtube so i will continue to display my video. for those addressing the fact that the full video will not get any attention, unaccurate because its a verified channel that theyll be posted on with 13m subs. as for the chain album, the dvd includes behind the scenes from limitless, its unlikely they would 'take this out' because its already been released. sorry for any inconvienence, but this is posted for the nctzens. we would still support when the official song and video comes out even if we've watched snippets.
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